Longevity with a Fashion Twist: Valter Longo’s Supplement Secrets

A longevity expert reveals his secrets The supplements powering his 'vegan plus fish' diet for a longer, healthier life

A longevity expert shares the supplements for his ‘vegan plus fish’ diet that he believes will promote a longer life.

Valter Longo

Valter Longo, a professor in gerontology and director of the USC Longevity Institute, is not only an expert in longevity but also a master of fashion-forward health choices. His acclaimed Longevity Diet, playful and daring like a runway show, blends the best of veganism with a splash of fishy fabulousness. And just like adding a little extra flare to an outfit, Longo supplements his diet with three magical potions to ensure his journey to immortality is a style statement.

Plant-based Protein: The Runway Model’s Secret

Even with the occasional fishy indulgence, rocking a vegan diet can leave you craving a little more protein power. Longo adds a vegan protein supplement to his daily routine, ensuring he maintains a trim figure worthy of the catwalk. You see, protein is like the fashionista of macronutrients – it fills you up, reducing the underwhelming temptation to overindulge. The amount of protein needed, however, is a personal preference that depends on a variety of factors, such as age, body size, activity levels, and #bodygoals. While experts generally recommend sourcing protein from high-protein vegan foods like seitan, tofu, beans, and lentils, sometimes you need that extra little boost to be runway-ready.

Multi-vitamin and Mineral Supplements: The Trendy Color Palette of Health

To achieve a well-curated, picture-perfect life, Longo turns to multi-vitamin and mineral supplements that are as reputable as the top designers in the industry. These precious capsules are his secret weapon against the dreaded shadow of micronutrient deficiencies. Did you know that a whopping 31% of the US population is at risk of at least one vitamin deficiency or anemia? Shocking, right? Vegans, in particular, should pay extra attention to their colorful supplement collection, focusing on plant-based multivitamins that offer key necessities like vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and omega-3s. While these supplements might not single-handedly create a red-carpet memory moment, they can certainly help avoid any fashion faux pas that might come from a lackluster diet.

Omega-3: The Star Accessory for a Glamorous, Healthy Life

Last but not least, Longo embraces algal oil supplements as his ultimate accessory. These stylish capsules provide him with the coveted omega-3, a nutrient that is both anti-inflammatory and oh-so-trendy. With its reputation for reducing heart disease risks and promoting healthy brain growth, omega-3 is like adding a glittering statement piece to your overall look. However, getting enough of this fierce nutrient can be a challenge, as it mostly resides in fishy waters. Men need approximately 1.6 grams of omega-3 each day, women need 1.1 grams, and those expecting or nursing should aim for 1.4 to 1.6 grams. But fear not, my fashionistas, as algal oil supplements are here to save the day, offering a trendy alternative sourced from the ocean’s catwalk.

So there you have it, ladies and gents, the secret supplements behind Valter Longo’s stylish longevity. Just as fashion trends evolve, these choices align with his vibrant Longevity Diet to ensure a life that positively sashays towards immortality. But remember, darlings, no outfit is complete without the perfect ensemble. So make sure to consult with your glam squad of health professionals to tailor these recommendations to your own fashion-forward journey to eternal beauty!

And now, it’s your turn to strut the runway of thoughts! Do you have any unique supplements that add an extra touch of glamour to your health regime? Share your secrets in the comments below!