A Spooky Cruise on the Disney Wish: A Halloween Nightmare or a Treat?

Why a Disney Cruise Isn't the Ideal Setting to Celebrate Halloween — Apologies!

A cruise is not suitable for celebrating Halloween with Disney.

The Disney Wish docked at Castaway Cay in September 2022. The Disney Wish is a fun, relaxing vacation — just not for Halloween. – Amanda Krause/Insider

A “Spooktacular” Adventure…or So We Thought!

My sister and I, being avid Disney fans and craving a unique Halloween experience, decided to embark on a four-day Halloween-themed Disney cruise to the Bahamas. Little did we know, our adventure would turn out to be more of a “trick” than a “treat.”

Let’s set sail and unravel the unfortunate reality of our “spooktacular” trip.

A Journey Full of High Hopes and Discounted Dreams

As seasoned cruisers, we eagerly anticipated our trip aboard the renowned Disney Wish. We had experienced an incredible voyage the previous year and were enticed by the allure of a Halloween-themed cruise. With hopes high and dreams discounted, we set sail.

The Haunting Absence of Halloween

As soon as we stepped foot on the ship, our Halloween-loving souls were met with disappointment. The “spooky” decorations we expected were alarmingly absent. No Mickey-shaped pumpkins, no eerie mood lighting, just a few lackluster adornments that barely captured the essence of Halloween. It was as if the ship itself had missed the memo about the holiday.

The Soundtrack of Halloween – Played at Random

While the ship played Halloween-themed movies and music, it seemed like the selection was chosen at random. We anticipated a haunting playlist filled with Disney villain anthems, but instead, we were treated to a mishmash of tunes that left us feeling more “meh” than “boo.”

Characters in Costume? Not So Fast!

Mickey, Minnie, and the gang in their Halloween costumes were one of the highlights we anticipated. Sadly, we were almost denied the chance to meet them in their spooktacular attire. The characters only wore their Halloween costumes for a limited time, leaving us yearning for more magical encounters.

Chaotic Quest for Halloween Merchandise

Venturing into Mickey’s Mainsail, the designated gift shop for Halloween merchandise, turned out to be a chaotic and competitive frenzy. We had to fight through a crowd reminiscent of Black Friday stampedes just to grab a T-shirt or spirit jersey. In the blink of an eye, the adult-sized Halloween T-shirts disappeared, leaving us feeling victorious yet drained.

Trick-or-Treating Without the Treat

In the spirit of traditional trick-or-treating, we eagerly joined the Mickey’s Mouse-querade Party and looked forward to collecting candy. However, the “treats” were reduced to a mere bag of candy handed out hastily, leaving us feeling like we had been “tricked” rather than treated.

An Adults-Only Dance Party Without the Excitement

Anticipating an adults-only dance party full of spooktacular music and an eerie ambiance, we were greeted with an almost empty gym, playground music from Disney Channel movies, and a rather awkward atmosphere. The party left us feeling like we were back in middle school dances, only with less excitement and more confusion.

Lessons Learned and Future Celebrations Unveiled

As our adventure came to an end, we reflected on our experiences. Despite the shortcomings of our Halloween-themed cruise, we’ll forever cherish the exceptional service and memorable moments aboard the Disney Wish. However, we’ve learned that for a true Halloween celebration, we’ll stick to the thrilling atmosphere of Disney World.

So, dear fashion-forward readers and fellow Disney enthusiasts, while a Halloween voyage on the Disney Wish may sound enticing, be prepared for more fall vibes than spooky delights. For an unforgettable Halloween experience, set sail for the theme parks instead.

Bon voyage! And remember, sometimes the treats are better left on land!