Love, Laughter, and Levis: The Unconventional Romance of Donna Sasse and Jim Theodores

From Love Birds to Trendsetters How this Vibrant Newlywed Couple — Aged 78 and 76 — Redefine Passion and Sundays!

Elderly newlyweds allocate Sundays for intimacy.

Donna and Jim Donna Sass and Jim Theodores seal their recent marriage with a kiss. Courtesy of Kyle Schoolcraft.

When Love Blossoms on the Elliptical Machines

Former widow and widower Donna Sasse, 78, and Jim Theodores, 76, may have tied the knot in their golden years, but their romance is anything but rusty. These lovebirds, who met in the gym at their local golf and country club, have a unique passion for each other and the elliptical machines that brought them together.

“We started chatting because our ellipticals happened to be next to each other. It’s like fate intervened and said, ‘Hey, you two look good sweating together!’” Jim chuckled.

Sundays: Reserved for Love and Absolutely No Phone Calls

Relatives of Donna and Jim quickly learned not to disturb them on Sunday mornings. These lovebirds have made it loud and clear that their private time together is sacred, and any phone calls during that period are destined for voicemail purgatory.

“We have an active sex life,” Donna confided. “No pills required, darling!” she added with a wink.

Donna emphasized the importance of putting intimacy on the calendar, especially considering their hectic schedules.

“Sunday is our day because we’re so busy the rest of the week. You have to find time to create the right mood,” she explained mischievously.

From Gym Buddies to Soulmates

Both Donna and Jim were widowed after many decades of marriage. Despite the pain and suffering they endured, they discovered solace in their shared experiences and the understanding of what it means to lose a spouse to cancer.

“Donna helped me understand that there’s no guilt or shame in surviving something like that,” Jim fondly recalled.

Their friendship gradually transformed into something magical, something that can only be described as the sweet scent of blooming romance.

Searching for Mr. Right, the Golf-loving Gentleman

Donna had envisioned Mr. Right for the second time around: someone handsome, healthy, golfing enthusiast, and most importantly, someone who understands the challenges of widowhood. Miraculously, Jim checked every box on her wish list and added a few extra surprises.

“He plays golf every morning, he’s good-looking, and he really makes me laugh,” Donna sighed contentedly.

Jim, equally smitten, couldn’t help but praise his new bride’s beauty and positive outlook on life.

“We are very cognizant of the fact that we have a ‘use by’ stamp on us somewhere. But our job is to stay healthy and enjoy as much time as we have left together.”

From Yellow Diamonds to Slow Dancing: The Recipe for a Lifelong Love

Before Jim got down on one knee to propose, he made sure to contact Donna’s closest family members to seek their permission. And during Donna’s 78th birthday party, he presented her with a dazzling yellow diamond engagement ring that left her breathless.

“He went down on one knee,” Donna reminisced, a smile gracing her lips. “It was such a sweet and romantic gesture.”

As for their secret to a strong and vibrant marriage? Well, apart from scheduling their intimate moments, Donna and Jim have a heartwarming routine that’s become the highlight of their evenings: slow-dancing before bed.

“It’s the perfect way to bond and end each day with tenderness,” Donna revealed. “And yes, we wear our favorite Levis too!”

The barn where they exchanged vows was the perfect venue for their unconventional love story. It was a bit dinged up, just like Donna and Jim, but brimming with character and charm.

So, dear readers, let Donna and Jim’s timeless love story remind us all that life is for living, at any age. In a world where love knows no boundaries, anything is possible. Go out there, find your gym buddy, and slow-dance your way into forever!

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