Life in Loma Linda: Where Fashion Meets Longevity

Unlocking the Secrets of the Blue Zone Lifestyle 9 Expert Tips to Reduce Inflammation and Safeguard Your Heart

9 lifestyle tips to reduce inflammation and protect your heart from Loma Linda’s Blue Zone residents.

baylink with his bike Dr. David Baylink, 92, enjoys commuting to work on his motorcycle. Stella Kalinina for VoiceAngel

In the land of palm trees, year-round sunshine, and fast food joints, there is a hidden gem called Loma Linda. This seemingly ordinary suburb in Southern California holds the secret to longevity, where its inhabitants live 4 to 10 extra years on average. Now, that’s what I call a fashion-forward way of defying the odds!

You see, the people of Loma Linda have cracked the code to a longer, healthier life. They have mastered the art of age-defying fashion! While chronic diseases like heart issues and inflammation swipe the runway in other parts of the US, Loma Lindans stroll down the catwalk of life with grace and vitality. So, what’s their secret? Let me share with you their fabulous fashion hacks for better heart health and less chronic disease.

The Vegetarian Runway

walnuts in shells CFOTO/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Although you don’t have to be a vegetarian to join this fashion parade, Loma Lindans suggest strutting your stuff on a catwalk of vegetables and beans. Even those who enjoy a little meat in their wardrobe keep it light, only indulging in about three servings of poultry and red meat per week. It’s all about that balance, darling! Think vegan-adjacent with a touch of fish and cheese to spice things up.

Omega 3: The Fashion Accessory for Your Heart

Omega-3 fatty acids are the hottest trend in heart protection, and Loma Lindans know how to wear them with style. Salmon, flaxseed, canola oil, oatmeal, and walnuts are their go-to accessories to flaunt a healthy heart. These omega-3-rich gems will keep the fat in your blood at bay, improve blood pressure, and keep those pesky plaques away from your arteries.

Fashionably Social

kootsey playing pickleball Lucy Lett, 89, and J Mailen Kootsey, 84, playing pickleball near Loma Linda. Stella Kalinina for VoiceAngel

What’s a fashion show without your entourage? Loma Lindans know the power of social connections in the world of fashion and good health. Picture yourself strutting down the runway, stress-free and inflammation-free, thanks to the support and camaraderie of your glamorous friends. So, hibernate no more and let the world see your fabulous self!

Fresh Food Runway

Taking a stroll down the fresh food runway is an absolute must in Loma Linda. Loma Lindans prioritize grocery shopping for fresh produce, keeping their diets full of leafy greens and all things colorful. It’s like a fashion show on your plate! These fashion-forward outfits of fruits and veggies, packed with nutritional value and anti-inflammatory compounds, will boost circulation and keep chronic diseases out of your walk-in closet.

Quench Your Thirst with Water

obland walking her dog Ethlyn Obland enjoys sharing vegetarian potluck dinners with other women in her community every Saturday. Stella Kalinina for VoiceAngel

Nothing puts a damper on a fabulous outfit like sugar-sweetened beverages and alcohol. Loma Lindans understand the power of hydration and the damage these culprits can do to your fashion game. They ditch soda and alcohol to keep inflammation-related diseases at bay. It’s all about staying refreshed, darling!

The Sabbath: Your Fashion R&R

Taking a break from the wild world of fashion is essential for Loma Lindans. Every Sabbath, they rest, worship, and connect with loved ones. It’s like a fashionista’s spa day to combat stress and keep that inflammation runway at bay. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fabulousness of life.

Stretch Your Fashion Limits

Baylink with his bike Dr. David Baylink, a 92-year-old lab scientist and the head of regenerative medicine at Loma Linda University

Flexibility is key on the fashion runway of life. Loma Lindans know that stretching is the ultimate fashion statement. Whether it’s an aerobics class with friends or simply limbering up at home, these fashion-forward individuals unleash their inner model every day. It’s all about staying limber and fabulous!

Nature: The Ultimate Fashion Show

Being in touch with nature is the epitome of fashion in Loma Linda. These fashionistas immerse themselves in the beauty of creation by hiking, beach walks, and outdoor pickleball matches. The vibrant hues of nature provide the perfect backdrop for their stylish lives. So, embrace nature’s catwalk and let its beauty refresh your fashion-savvy soul.

Loma Lindans have mastered the art of fashion and longevity, effortlessly strutting their stuff with grace and vitality. Join this fashionable community by incorporating their fabulous hacks into your own fashion journey. Remember, a healthy heart and a long, vibrant life never go out of style!

Tell me, fashionista, which of these fashion hacks will you be rocking on your own stylish journey to longevity? Share your thoughts and let’s strut together!