The Ultimate Nightstand Essentials: Spice Up Your Bedroom Game!

8 Must-Have Beauty and Intimate Essentials to Spice Up Your Nightstand

8 Essential Sexy Items for Your Nightstand

Are you ready for a steamy night of passion, but suddenly realize you forgot a crucial item? Trust us, nothing kills the mood faster than having to put everything on hold to fetch your favorite toy, lube, or condom. But fear not, fashion lovers, because we’ve got your back! We’ve curated a list of the eight sex products that every nightstand should never be without. Get ready for some fun, convenience, and pleasurable experiences!

1. Lube: Slip ’n Slide to Pleasure Town!

Lube is not just a game-changer in the bedroom, it’s also a lifesaver when it comes to reducing irritation, friction, and painful moments. So, let’s talk about lubes, baby! Whether you’re flying solo or enjoying partnered play, finding the perfect lube is key. Look for clean ingredients and consider how you’ll be using it. For vaginal or anal penetration, go for a water or silicone-based lube that won’t break down condoms and has a slippery, lifelike consistency. If you want to get slippery with your silicone toys, stick to water-based lube. And for some pre-game foreplay, indulge in oil-based lubes with their thicker and body-melting textures. Just keep in mind, oil-based lubes aren’t compatible with latex condoms!

  • Coconu Water Based Organic Lubricant: Slip ’n slide like never before with this natural and organic formula that creates a silky texture akin to lifelike lubrication. It’s not just lube, it’s a vaginal moisturizer too! Talk about multitasking!

  • Woo More Play Coconut Love Oil: When it comes to oral pleasure, this lube takes the cake. Smelling like vanilla cupcakes, it’ll make you taste like one too. Don’t worry, it won’t stain your sheets, and it doubles as a massage oil for some sneaky (or not so sneaky) foreplay. Indulge your senses!

  • Pulse Touchless Warming System: Upgrade your nightstand with this touchless oil dispenser that’s not only functional but also doubles as decor. This little beauty warms up your lube or massage oil to the perfect, safe temperature and sets the perfect vibe with its built-in lighting options. It’s the ultimate vibe enhancer!

  • Maude Shine Silicone Lube: When you’re in the mood for an all-night-long pleasure marathon, this gentle, hypoallergenic, and non-sticky formula has got your back. It’s pH-neutral, so you won’t throw off your delicate balance down there. Let the pleasure party never end!

2. Toys: Turn Up the Heat, Baby!

Orgasms are the cherry on top of self-care, but who wants to leave the cozy comfort of their bed to search for their favorite pleasure weapon? Not us! That’s why keeping your go-to sex toys in your nightstand is the ultimate move. It’s all about convenience, pleasure, and embracing your inner goddess.

  • Playboy Pleasure Double Glass Dildo: Masturbating and exploring your body is a delicious way to learn what you like sexually. This double-ended dildo with its iridescent crystal finish will help you dive deep into the world of pleasure and stimulation. Let the curves and beads guide you to your nirvana.

  • Plus One Vibrating Bullet: This discreet, pint-sized pleasure machine is a whisper-quiet powerhouse. With its 10 vibration settings and finger glove, it’s perfect for external stimulation and will leave you weak in the knees. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to pleasure!

  • We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator: Rabbit vibrators are a staple for every nightstand. This upgraded Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator takes dual stimulation to a whole new level with its seamless silicone design and silent, intense vibrations. It’s time to unleash your inner wild!

  • Zero Tolerance Inflatable Vibrating Anal Plug: Whether you’re an anal play newbie or an experienced enthusiast, this toy will blow your mind…and a few other things. It deflates for easy insertion or storage and is fully customizable to satisfy your wildest desires. Talk about a breathtaking experience!

3. Wipes: Clean Up, Freshen Up, and Stay Snug!

Let’s face it, sex can get messy. That’s why having wipes on hand is a game-changer. Not only do they make cleanup easier, but they also soothe, cleanse, and hydrate your delicate areas. Look for wipes formulated without harmful ingredients that may disrupt your delicate balance down there.

  • Woo More Play Intimate Wipes: Hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and vegan, these pH-balanced wipes are perfect for all vulva owners. With organic cranberry, vanilla water, and coconut water, Freshies will cleanse, soothe, and hydrate without harming your precious parts. Freshness delivered to your nightstand!

  • Hello Cake Sex Wipes: Your intimate parts deserve the best care, and these 100% natural, hypoallergenic wipes deliver just that. Flushable and biodegradable, they’re your secret weapon for a quick freshen-up before or after intimate times. Keep calm, stay fresh!

  • Rock Candy Toys Sanitizing Toy Wipes: Properly cleaning your toys is essential, and these wipes make it a breeze. With their biodegradable formula, they’re safe to use on any toy material. Quick cleanup, total satisfaction!

4. A Sexy Scent: Awaken Your Sensuality!

Did you know that your sense of smell can be an incredible aphrodisiac? That’s why keeping a sexy scent on hand is a must. Whether you love lotions, body oils, perfumes, or candles, tantalizing your olfactory senses will surely set the mood.

  • Phlur Vanilla Skin Body & Hair Mist: Prepare for a spicy and intoxicating experience with this vanilla-scented mist. It will awaken your senses, get you feeling luxurious, and create the perfect mood. Vanilla never smelled this good!

  • YSE Beauty Liquid Glow Body Oil: After indulging in an everything shower, apply this body oil and let the shimmer take you to a whole new level. Shine bright like a golden goddess and feel like a million bucks. Confidence is key!

  • Naturium Bio-Lipid Restoring Body Lotion: Get ready to treat your skin with extra hydration. This moisturizer will leave you feeling soft, supple, and oh-so-sexy. Pamper yourself from head to toe!

  • Smile Makers Orgasm Manifestation Candle: Time to set the mood, ladies! Light this candle before your intimate adventures to truly immerse yourself in the pleasure. Ground yourself and surrender to the blissful sensations. It’s pure magic!

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