7 Fabulous Fall Fashion Looks to Steal from ‘Only Murders In the Building’

7 Chic Fall Outfits Inspired by 'Only Murders in the Building

7 Fall Outfits from ‘Only Murders in the Building’ I’m Stealing

Fall Outfits I’m Stealing From ‘Only Murders In the Building’

Are you ready to embark on a fashion adventure with “Only Murders In the Building”? This season is serving up big stars (Paul Rudd! Meryl Streep!), tantalizing glimpses into New York theater culture, and plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. But let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the eye-catching and audacious costumes! Here are seven looks that will leave you swooning and ready to recreate them in your own fabulous way.

1. Velvet Dress with Gold Necklaces

Selena Gomez’s character, Mabel, turns heads in a body-hugging velvet dress with a mesmerizing floral print and a plunging neckline. This ensemble is so stunning that it will make you audibly gasp, and trust me, you’ll want to recreate it! To achieve this show-stopping look, pair an exquisite velvet dress, like this one, or opt for a chic navy alternative. Layer on some sparkling gold necklaces to add a touch of shimmer and contemporary flair.

2. Blue Jumpsuit with Hoops

Looking for the perfect effortless and cool outfit for all occasions this fall? Search no more! Selena Gomez shows us the power of a jumpsuit, effortlessly paired with a glamorous high ponytail and chunky hoops. Now you too can rock a jumpsuit like a fashion superstar. Feast your eyes on this jumpsuit that exudes confidence, and don’t forget to accessorize with these fabulous chunky earrings.

3. Houndstooth on Houndstooth

Our beloved Selena always brings it with the prints, and this time she takes it to another level! Check out her double-breasted houndstooth coat paired with houndstooth oxfords. Who says you can’t go all out with patterns? If you’re more of a flats gal like me, fear not! Opt for chic ballet flats and a knee-length coat to achieve a similarly stylish and sophisticated look.

4. Sweater Vest with Classic Trench

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics, just like Mabel/Selena does in this timeless ensemble. Sporting an oversized trench and a cozy knit vest, she proves that some looks are an eternal fashion must. Channel your inner Ali MacGraw in Love Story with an oversized trench, a knit vest, and finish it off with trendy chain-link earrings.

5. Shiny Coat and Mini Skirt

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! Selena’s Only Murders costume hall of fame gets another worthy addition with this marvelous blue-on-blue ensemble that masters the art of mixing textures. Recreate this jaw-dropping outfit with a navy coat layered gracefully over a corduroy skirt, and prepare to turn heads wherever you go. Trust us, it’s a show-stopper!

6. Braided Crown and Button-Up

Meryl Streep’s character brings whimsical energy with her braided crowns and oversized button-ups. Channel your inner eclectic theater actress by donning a poplin button-up paired with Reagan’s braided crown tutorial. And if you’re feeling extra theatrical, add a paisley shawl to complete the ensemble.

7. Silky Statement Pajamas

Last but not least, we have Martin Short’s character inspiring us to embrace life’s little luxuries by spending the entire day in statement pajamas. Indulge yourself in the ultimate comfort with silky pajamas in an eye-catching print. These checkered pajamas are a must-have for blustery days when you simply want to lounge at home, read, and show the world your love for life’s little luxuries.

What are your favorite looks from this season? Share your thoughts and fashion dreams below!

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(Photos by Patrick Harbron/Hulu.)

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