Brewing Coffee? Choose Your Beans Wisely!

5 Warning Signs to Watch Out for in Coffee—Spotting Mold, Evaluating Roast Date, and More

5 red flags in coffee to watch for mold, roast date & more

Coffee Beans

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Hey there, coffee connoisseurs! Are you ready to dive into the world of healthy coffee? We know that finding the perfect cup is a priority, but have you ever considered the healthiness of the beans themselves? No worries, we’ve got you covered with some red flags to look out for when selecting the healthiest beans for your beloved brew.

Coffee Red Flags

Before we dive in, let us spill the beans on something important. Coffee, in general, is good for you! It’s full of antioxidant polyphenols, supports cardiovascular health, and even balances your gut bacteria. But hold on, not all coffee beans are created equal. So, let’s dig deeper and find out what to watch out for.

  1. Not Organic: Organic coffee is the VIP in the coffee world. Free from pesticides and chemicals, it’s like a heavenly elixir for your taste buds and health. When you sip on organic coffee, you’re reducing your pesticide exposure and saying goodbye to harmful residues. Just make sure to look for that USDA or third-party organic certification!

  2. No Roast Date Listed: Freshness is the key to a perfect cup. If your bag of beans doesn’t mention the roast date, it’s a red flag. Your beans may not be as nutrient-packed as you think. Say goodbye to stale, lackluster coffee, and opt for brands that proudly display the roast date. Your taste buds will thank you!

  3. Robusta (Not as Good as Arabica): Calling all coffee snobs! You already know that the rich, smooth flavor of Arabica beans outshines the bitterness of Robusta. While Robusta can provide an extra caffeine kick, it often falls short in taste. So, unless you’re a caffeine maniac, stick to the flavor-packed Arabica beans. Your taste buds deserve the best!

  4. Not Tested for Mold: Did you know some coffee beans can harbor invisible mold and mycotoxins? Yikes! Although they don’t usually make you sick, it’s worth investing in beans that have been tested. Choose beans from roasters who care about your health. Trust us, your daily dose of caffeine will taste even better when you know it’s safe and clean!

  5. Pre-Ground (Whole Bean is Superior): Time to give your coffee grinder a little love! Grinding your own beans ensures maximum freshness and flavor. It’s the secret to unlocking the celestial taste your morning ritual deserves. Plus, you can customize the grind size to match your preferred brewing method. From espresso to drip, the choice is yours!

Our Better Option: Clean Coffee+

clean coffee+

Introducing clean coffee+, the hero of healthy and great-tasting coffee! This premium blend undergoes extensive third-party lab testing in the USA for mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and over 300 pesticides. Talk about going the extra mile for your morning cup!

Not only that, clean coffee+ exceeds industry-leading quality standards for purity, potency, and taste experience. These USDA-certified organic Arabica beans from Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia are packed with polyphenols and low in acid, making them as good for your health as they are for your taste buds. Whether you prefer a rich espresso shot or a larger coffee, these beans are the perfect match.

The Takeaway

Now you know the secrets to find the healthiest cup of joe! Avoid non-organic blends, seek out that roast date, say no to Robusta, demand mold testing, and embrace the whole bean way of life. Your taste buds and well-being deserve nothing less! So, brew up a cup of clean coffee+ today and indulge in a healthier and more delicious coffee experience.

Cheers to a brighter morning, filled with the aroma of exceptional coffee!

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†Not detected or below detectable limits. VoiceAngel’s clean coffee+ undergoes comprehensive, third-party lab testing in the USA for hundreds of purity, potency, and sensory tests. Rigorously tested for caffeine, theobromine, polyphenols, heavy metals, yeast, mold, bacteria, mycotoxins, acrylamide, pesticides, solvents, acidity, and more—our premium, whole coffee beans exceed industry-leading quality standards for potency, purity, and taste experience.