The Softest Cashmere Sweaters for Stylish Men

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 30 Men's Cashmere Sweaters for Luxurious Comfort and Style

30 top men’s cashmere sweaters

A collage of models wearing three of our top picks for cashmere sweaters on a red gradient background.

It’s time to indulge in the luxurious world of cashmere! This cold-weather fabric is softer than a fluffy cloud and will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm hug from a cashmere-loving unicorn. But hold on, before you start crying tears of joy, let’s talk about the best men’s cashmere sweaters that won’t break the bank.

Naadam: The Cashmere King

A model wearing a blue Naadam cashmere sweater.

Let’s start with Naadam, the ruler of cashmere. They use cashmere fibers that are 30% longer than regular Grade-A cashmere, making their sweaters last longer. And guess what? Their cashmere is free from any chemical dyes. It’s like the vegan, gluten-free, organic version of cashmere! Naadam travels all the way to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert (400 miles from the nearest city, mind you) to source their cashmere from free-range Zalaa Jinst white goats. These goats are the only entirely white breed of cashmere goats in the country. Talk about VIP treatment! Naadam offers various blends of cashmere, from their standard 100% Cashmere collection to the Cashmino collection made from a naturally insulating Merino wool blend. Can’t get enough of the softness? Check out their elevated Luxe collection, made from the softest spun cashmere fibers.

Quince: Affordable Cashmere for All

On the left, a person wears a black Quince Cashmere Turtleneck against a brick wall. On the right, a person wears a black Quince Cashmere Turtleneck while facing a brick wall.

Hey, budget-conscious fashionistas, listen up! Quince will make all your cashmere dreams come true without emptying your wallet. They’ve cracked the code to combine quality, sustainability, and affordability. Sourcing Grade-A cashmere directly from production facilities in Inner Mongolia, they offer an original men’s sweater for only $60. Don’t get me wrong, this sweater is a little luxury wrapped around you. It comes in crewneck and V-neck cuts and is made from 100% Grade-A Mongolian Cashmere. Talk about getting the best bang for your buck! Quince also has a premium collection of extra soft Super Luxe Baby Cashmere sweaters spun from finer, longer fibers that are even better for wearing on bare skin.

Patagonia: Saving the Planet in Cashmere

The editor wearing the Patagonia Recycled Cashmere in the color green.

Who said cashmere can’t be eco-friendly? Patagonia proves that sustainability is always in style with their Recycled Cashmere Crewnecks. They take pre-consumer cashmere waste, break it down, and spin it into new yarn. It’s like recycling, but for the fashion-forward. Plus, these cashmere sweaters have minimal branding, so you can show off your eco-conscious style without being a walking billboard.

Ralph Lauren: Customized Cashmere Elegance

A model wearing a purple Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater with suede patch elbows.

Why settle for an off-the-rack cashmere sweater when you can have a customized masterpiece from Ralph Lauren? Their Custom Cashmere Crewneck is a work of art. You can choose between a two-letter or three-letter monogram that’s fully knit into the sweater. And we’re not talking about basic stitched-on monograms here! These Art Deco-style monograms can be placed on the center of the chest, left chest, lower left torso, or left sleeve. It’s like having a personal tailor for your cashmere collection. And let’s not forget the high-quality 100% cashmere that makes this sweater worth every penny.

L.L. Bean: Size Inclusivity for Every Gentleman

A side by side of two models wearing L. L. Bean sweaters.

If you’re a big and tall guy tired of limited size options, L.L. Bean has got your back (and front). They offer inclusive sizing ranges for their best men’s cashmere sweaters, so you can find the perfect fit. L.L. Bean’s “Wicked Soft” sweaters are mostly cotton, with just a touch of cashmere for that plush feel. They come in classic East Coast designs and, best of all, are machine washable. No more accidents ruining your favorite cashmere piece!

J. Crew, N. Peal London, Italic, Todd Snyder, and Buck Mason—these aren’t just names; they represent a universe of cashmere goodness. From classic styles to vibrant hues, there’s something for everyone. J.Crew’s cashmere sweaters are certified to The Good Cashmere Standard, ensuring that farmers care about the goats and the environment. N. Peal London, the iconic British brand, offers classic jumpers inspired by the distinguished style of James Bond himself. Italic offers designer-level quality without breaking the bank, and Todd Snyder embraces timeless style with thoughtful attention to detail. Finally, Buck Mason combines American tradition and California coolness to create cashmere sweaters perfect for any occasion.

Unleash Your Inner Cashmere Aficionado!

So there you have it, gentlemen: a guide to the softest, most luxurious, and stylish men’s cashmere sweaters out there. Whether you’re sipping a cocktail at a fancy party, strolling through the city streets, or hiding from the world in your cozy den, these sweaters will keep you warm, stylish, and feeling like a million bucks. Don’t hesitate to try different brands, explore new styles, and express your unique fashion sense with the power of cashmere. After all, fashion is about self-expression, and what better way to express yourself than with the softest touch and the warmest embrace?

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