Get Cheeky with Spanx Active Leggings

Spanx's workout leggings offer a perfect balance of support and freedom of movement - discover what three women had to say after putting them to the test!

Spanx’s workout leggings provide a non-restrictive lift 3 women share their thoughts

Three people modeling Booty Boost active leggings in various colors.

Good lip balms, cute shoes, and bras that don’t poke your rib cage are just a few items that most women treasure once they find The One. And here’s a secret addition to that list – a cute pair of workout leggings that can be worn to the gym, on a coffee run, or any time you have zero desire to put on real pants. Let’s be real, that’s pretty often!

So, in our endless pursuit of the perfect workout leggings, we decided to see how Spanx’s Active Leggings stack up against the competition. We’ve already fallen in love with several pairs of their leggings and denim, so our expectations were sky-high. And let us tell you, they didn’t disappoint!

There are different styles of Spanx Active Leggings, from full-length to cropped to knee-high, all incorporating Spanx’s signature shapewear technology that lifts, tucks, and smooths out your silhouette. Made with moisture-wicking fabric for breathability and a built-in gusset for extra peace of mind, they have a high rise that sits comfortably around your waist without digging in. Plus, they have a flattering, seamless design that won’t accidentally flash anyone at the gym.

Now, here’s what our team of fabulous fashionistas had to say about Spanx Active Leggings:

A model wears the Booty Boost Active Printed Cropped Leggings.

Ellen Hoffman, VoiceAngel Reviews Executive Editor:

Spanx has always impressed me with their tights, so I had high hopes for their leggings. And boy, were my expectations met! These Active Leggings are simply amazing. They are breathable, supportive, and surprisingly comfortable, with just the right amount of stretch. They also create a smooth and sleek look that I absolutely adore.

Francesca Rea, former Content Producer:

Like all things Spanx, these leggings really accentuate and lift your legs, butt, and waist. I’ve worn them to the gym, on runs, hikes, and even for everyday errands. The fabric keeps me dry, even when I’m sweating like crazy. It’s a relief to not worry about leaving sweat marks everywhere I sit. The only tiny drawback is that the waistband can feel a bit snug during intense movements like burpees and crunches. But overall, I’m a big fan!

Jada Wong, former Senior Editor:

When I first put on these leggings, I felt like a hot dog. They offer strong compression and a high-rise fit, which gave me a svelte look and extra motivation during my workout. The material feels a bit thinner than other leggings I own, but the bend test proved they’re totally opaque. The only slight issue I encountered was that they were a little too tight around my calves. But hey, at least they don’t have any annoying seams digging into my skin, unlike that always-present hair tie on my wrist.

A model wears the Every.Wear Active Icon Cropped Leggings.

Our Bottom Line:

We all absolutely adored the Spanx Active Leggings. The moisture-wicking material and comfortable stretch make them perfect for any workout. And the absence of a center seam gives a flattering and seamless look, which is a huge plus when you’re more concerned about perfecting your burpees and squats.

The waistband, although slightly snug at times, offers that extra touch of shapewear compression. If that’s something that bothers you, consider sizing up for a little more room. Overall, we can confidently say that Spanx Active Leggings live up to the brand’s reputation. So go ahead, grab a pair and get cheeky on your next (coffee) run!