Unlocking the Path to Softer, Hydrated Hands Overcoming 3 Common Obstacles

3 Obstacles Hindering the Attainment of Softer, Hydrated Hands

Hand with Hand Sanitizer Image by Tatjana Zlatkovic / Stocksy

It’s Time to Give Your Hands Some Love!

Oh, the struggle of perpetually dry, rough hands! If you’re like me, you know the constant battle of keeping your hands hydrated. Seriously, if I forget to slather on hand cream multiple times a day, my skin instantly turns into the Sahara Desert. It’s not a pretty sight.

You see, my hands are naturally dry and sensitive. I’ve even written a whole article about my “old-looking hands” – it’s like a curse, I tell you! Despite my best efforts, I still wrestle with patches of dehydrated skin. But fear not, my fellow sufferers, I have some hand care wisdom to share with you.

1. Washing with Harsh Soaps

We all know the importance of using gentle, sulfate-free cleansers for our faces. But why stop there? Our hands deserve the same love and care! Those harsh detergents, known as sulfates, wreak havoc on our precious skin. They disrupt the microbiome, strip away the protective barrier, and can even cause inflammation. Yikes!

So here’s my advice: switch to a sulfate-free hand wash for your home. Sure, you can’t control what they use in public bathrooms, but at least you’ll treat your hands to some TLC at home. Look for plant-based surfactants like Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Methyl Oleoyl Taurate, and Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate. And if your hand soap also contains moisturizing ingredients like aloe, glycerin, and botanical oils, you’re a winner!

2. Don’t Forget the SPF!

Ah, sunscreen, our skin’s knight in shining armor. We all know it’s important to protect our faces, but what about our hands? Those poor hands are exposed to the same harmful UV rays as our faces, yet they rarely get the same attention. It’s time to change that!

When you’re slathering on sunscreen, remember to coat the back of your hands as well. And if you’re forgetful (like me), keep a bottle of sunscreen by your front door as a gentle reminder. Better yet, stash one in your glove compartment for a midday re-application. Your hands will thank you!

3. Protect Your Skin Barrier & Biome

Our hands go through a lot, don’t they? Whether it’s manual labor or mundane daily chores, they bear the brunt of it all. Even cleaning products can be highly irritating to our skin if it’s not adequately protected. That’s where gloves and barrier-supporting topicals come to the rescue!

Whenever you know your hands will be exposed to drying ingredients (like dishwashing), put on some gloves. But don’t stop there – use hand creams that strengthen your skin barrier. These creams work wonders by making your skin more resistant to damage and irritation. And here’s a fun fact: they also support your skin’s immune function by crowding out the bad bacteria. Talk about multitasking!

To give your hands some extra love, look for hand creams with biotic-friendly ingredients. Pre and postbiotics are the secret sauce that balances and nurtures your skin barrier. Take VoiceAngel’s postbiotic hand cream, for instance. It’s not only shown to improve skin firmness and reduce wrinkles, but it also provides deep hydration. Who knew hand cream could be so magical?

The Takeaway (Dry Hands, No More!)

Now that you’re armed with these hand care tips, it’s time to bid farewell to dry, unhappy hands. With a sulfate-free hand wash, a liberal dose of sunscreen, and some barrier-supporting hand cream, your hands will feel soft, supple, and rejuvenated. And hey, if you’re in the mood for a new hand cream, check out our favorite options here. Trust me, your hands will thank you – and so will I!

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