Unveiling the Secrets of Better Sex 3 Lessons Vanilla Couples Can Learn from the Kink Community, as Shared by a Renowned Sexologist

Exploring New Heights of Intimacy Unveiling 3 Lessons from the Kink Community for Vanilla Couples, as Revealed by a Renowned Sexologist

Sexologist Shamyra Howard and some kink equipment

Sexologist Shamyra Howard said that non-kinky couples can learn from the kink community when it comes to communicating about sex.

Shamyra Howard, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist, has unveiled a surprising revelation: kinky couples do more planning around sex than their vanilla counterparts. Yes, you heard that right! While the vanilla folks might assume that kinkiness implies spontaneity, the truth is that the kink community knows a thing or two about preparation. It seems they’ve mastered the art of planning their sexual encounters, and boy, does it pay off!

Now, what can we fashionistas and fashionistos learn from our kinky friends? Let’s delve into their world and discover the secrets to spicing up our own love lives. Consider this your VIP access pass to a kinkier, more fabulous you!

Scheduling time for sex: The ultimate fashion show

You may be wondering, what on earth does scheduling have to do with getting it on? Well, my dear readers, kinky sex often requires meticulous planning and organization. Picture this: you’ve got other people involved, exotic locations straight out of a Vogue editorial, and specific equipment that would make even a professional stylist jealous. It’s like hosting the hottest fashion show in town!

But fear not, my fashionistas and fashionistos! You can still take a page from the kink community’s playbook. They’ve mastered the art of scheduling “playdates” and “play parties” – exclusive events where couples come together to explore their desires. And let’s not forget the element of surprise: sometimes, these rendezvous don’t even involve sex acts, but rather sensual play or indulging in a kink. It’s like keeping each other warm backstage until it’s time to unleash the sizzling runway extravaganza.

By embracing a touch of organization and planning, you can heighten the anticipation, both emotionally and physically. It’s like slipping into that jaw-dropping outfit, knowing you’re going to turn heads wherever you go. So, my fabulous darlings, get ready to sashay into a world of pleasure and excitement!

Practicing aftercare: The luxurious pampering session

Aftercare, my dear friends, is the ultimate pampering session for your body and soul. Just like post-catwalk rituals that leave models feeling rejuvenated, the kinky community indulges in aftercare to ensure everyone’s needs are met after the show.

Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that aftercare is only for those exploring BDSM with whips and ropes. This is an all-inclusive affair. Even if your idea of adventure involves nothing more than cozy blankets and tea, you too can revel in the joy of aftercare.

Think of it as a moment to reconnect, to show your partner you care. Wrap them in a toasty blanket or fetch them their favorite tea. Create an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness because, my loves, aftercare is not just physical – it nourishes emotional bonds. It’s like basking in the adoration of adoring fans after a triumphant fashion show. So go ahead, practice aftercare, and watch your connection ignite like never before!

‘Using your mouth’ to communicate more about sex: The power of language

Communication, my fashion-forward readers, is the secret weapon shared by the kink community. They know that talking is the key to unlocking pleasure and desire. It’s like having an exclusive language that sets the stage for mind-blowing experiences.

So, my lovelies, let’s take a moment to reflect on what our partner truly desires. It’s time to channel our inner linguists and unlock the secrets to mind-blowing pleasure. And hey, it’s not just about kinkiness; it’s about embracing each other’s passions and desires. After all, what could be more fashionable than understanding what makes your partner’s heart race and setting the stage for a sensational encore?

So, my fabulous fashionistas and fashionistos, I hope you’ve been inspired by the kink community’s wisdom and techniques. It’s time to turn up the heat, set the stage, and unleash your inner desires. Remember, the world is your runway, and pleasure is your trend. So go forth, my darlings, and make every encounter a masterpiece!