The Ever-Changing World of Engagement Rings: Trends to Love and Avoid

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Dream Engagement Ring, as Advised by Expert Jewelers

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham. Brad Barket/Getty Images

Ah, fashion and beauty trends, those fleeting viral sensations that come and go faster than a cat chasing a laser pointer. But here’s the thing, when it comes to engagement rings, they should withstand the test of time, unlike some of those regrettable fashion choices we’ve all made (shoulder pads, anyone?).

In a world where trends sparkle brightly but quickly fade away, two wise jewelers have shared their insights on the engagement ring trends to avoid. They emphasize that what truly matters is your personal style – because let’s face it, your engagement ring is like that one friend who always has your back, vibrant and representative of your unique fabulousness.

Stacking rings Stacking smaller rings isn’t the best decision for an engagement ring. JIE XIAO / Getty Images

One popular trend that has recently taken the stage is stacking rings. Picture this: a cluster of delicate, dazzling gems adorning your finger. Sounds dreamy, right? But jewelry consultant Beanie Major cautions against this trend. Sure, individually, those rings may not break the bank, but when combined, they can create a high-priced lineup. And let’s not forget, one ring to rule them all is much easier to sell or redesign. Think of it like adopting a pack of energetic puppies versus a majestic, regal greyhound.

As if that’s not enough, apparently, redesigning engagement rings is also having its Cinderella moment. People are becoming braver and bolder with their choices, much like the ultimate fashion rebel rocking sneakers with a ball gown. So, if you’re considering a future revamp, Major advises going big with a single stone. You heard it here. Not only will it hold its value better, but it’ll also make those imaginative jewelry designers dance with joy.

“Trends schmends,” both jewelers exclaim (okay, not exactly, but close enough). While being aware of trends can be a good thing, it shouldn’t dictate your decision-making process. Be true to yourself, darling. Find that ring that speaks to your heart and makes it spin like a fidget spinner on espresso. As jewelry designer Emma Franklin puts it, don’t go for what you think you “should” but discover what truly sets your soul ablaze.

Pear-shaped ring Pear-shaped rings are not the most practical stone shape. Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Now, let’s talk about functionality. We don’t just want a ring that looks stunning; we want one that fits our lifestyle like a glove. Franklin advises against rings with stones that sit high above the finger, as they can prove to be a tad impractical. After all, we don’t want our ring to do a disappearing act every time we reach into our handbags.

And here’s a pro tip from Major: avoid pear-shaped or marquise stones that come to a fine point. We wouldn’t want your ring to snag on every fabric or piece of furniture it encounters. For all you active souls out there, chunky rings or those with bezel-set stones might just be the solution. They’re like the cool, athletic cousins of engagement rings that can keep up with your energetic lifestyle.

So, dear fashion mavens in love, let this be your guide as you embark on the enchanting journey of finding your forever accessory. Trends may come and go, but your personal style will always shine brightly through it all. Remember, in the end, it’s not about following the crowd; it’s about dancing to the beat of your own dazzling ring.

Now, we want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on engagement ring trends? Have you fallen head over heels for a specific style? Share your sparkling stories in the comments below! And remember, when it comes to fashion and beauty, you are the ultimate trendsetter.