The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Gifts for Fashion Lovers

21 Perfect Gifts to Spoil the Wellness Enthusiast in Your Life (Or Treat Yourself)

21 Wellness Gifts for You or a Loved One

Wellness Gifts

It’s that time of the year again, my fabulous fashionistas! With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to find the perfect gifts for our wellness-obsessed friends. But fear not, for I have gathered a delightful collection of modern-day tools, experiences, and products that will make wellness accessible and fulfilling for everyone. So grab your favorite cup of matcha, light a non-toxic candle, and let’s dive into the world of wellness gifts that will leave you feeling fabulous from head to toe!

But wait, before we begin our wellness journey, let’s set the record straight. Wellness these days can mean anything from sipping on organic wine to taking a mental health walk. It’s all about interpretation, my darlings! So whether you find bliss in meditating, journaling, or even sleeping (yes, beauty sleep counts as wellness too), there’s something for everyone. After all, taking care of your mind, body, and spirit should be as unique as your personal sense of style.

Now, let’s get down to business. I’ve curated a list of 21 empowering wellness gifts that will make any fashion lover swoon. From luxurious loungewear to delectable supplements, this list has it all. So get ready to simplify your healthy living routine and embrace the fabulousness that awaits.

The Fabulous Wellness Gifts

No matter which category your health enthusiast falls into, these wellness gifts are designed to delight. Healthy living doesn’t have to break the bank, my lovelies. So let’s explore the best wellness gifts that will make you feel like a million bucks without burning a hole in your designer handbag.

Crewneck Sweater Daily Drills Oversized Crew
Price: $125
Description: A good loungewear set is essential. Between R&R days spent with your journal and your go-to modes of self-care, travel days with hours on a plane, and moments out and about when you simply want to look cute and feel comfy—this oversized crewneck sweater is a must. It comes in a range of colors both neutral and bright with something for everyone. Complete the look with the matching, super soft sweat shorts. Chic and cozy, as all the best wellness gear should be.

Rest & Digest Kit Arrae Rest & Digest Kit – Price: $93.50 – Description: Bloating, while totally normal, is also one of life’s uncomfortable inevitabilities. The “Bloat” capsules are the most effective supplements I’ve tried to date, while “Calm” is a near-instant stress reliever. Pair them together for a synergistic routine designed to optimize digestion and experience true relaxation.

Bala The Play Mat Bala The Play Mat – Price: $99 – Description: The fitness equipment darling du jour, Bala’s offerings now include the ultimate yoga mat. (Because we know you’ve searched high and low for the perfect option.) The modern shape and nonslip, moisture-wicking material are great for yoga, pilates, and any on-the-go workout.

Casa Zuma Harvester Pasta Bowl Casa Zuma Harvester Pasta Bowl – Price: $42 – Description: Eating from bowls > eating from plates. It’s just a fact. For salads, nourishing soups, oatmeal, and everything in between, this handmade, stoneware bowl is the perfect dining piece for any and every Instagram post.

Seasons SONI SM Portable Ultrasonic Diffuser Seasons SONI SM Portable Ultrasonic Diffuser – Price: $118 – Description: While I’ve loved my Vitruvi diffuser for years, the promise of a portable version is enough to influence a new purchase. Simply fill it with water and drop in your favorite essential oils. Its unique design is attention-grabbing while still soothing to the wellness-loving soul.

Moon Juice Ting Moon Juice Ting – Price: $42 – Description: Moon Juice’s array of supplement powders is a functional and delicious addition to any wellness routine. We love Mini Dew for added electrolytes, Magnesi-Om to relax before bed, and Ting to boost energy, metabolism, and mood. The delicious mango flavor is refreshing and not overly sweet—exactly how we want to get our B vitamins from now on.

Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket Sunday Citizen Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket – Price: $269 – Description: Weighted blankets are a key part of any supportive sleep arsenal. The gentle pressure coaxes even the most restless sleepers into a restorative, soothing slumber. Select from six colors and different weights to find the perfect fit.

Esker Body Plane Set Esker Body Plane Set – Price: $85 – Description: Wellness tools are our weakness. This teak wood and stainless steel body plane pairs with the hydrating body oil for the ultimate exfoliating duo. It’s a lovely ritual to incorporate into a post-shower routine. I like to think of it as a dry brushing/gua sha for your body practice all in one.

Bink 27 oz Water Bottle Bink 27 oz Water Bottle – Price: $38 – Description: Water bottles, like mugs, are one of those things it feels like we can never have enough of—despite multiple kitchen cabinets housing our collection. But as far as my line-up of water vessels is concerned, this bottle is my be-all, end-all. It’s sleek and modern, and comes in colors we love. What’s more, the time-marked glass makes it easy to keep your hydration habit going strong.

Maude Couple’s Libido Maude Couple’s Libido – Price: $85 – Description: ICYMI: Prioritizing sexual wellness is a key part of realizing your healthiest self. These libido gummies are blended with adaptogens and botanicals proven to take things up a notch (i.e., elevate your sex drive). This duo comes with both female and male gummies, which can also be purchased separately.

Alo Grounded No-Slip Towel Alo Grounded No-Slip Towel – Price: $68 – Description: Every good yoga mat (see above) needs a no-slip towel that’ll keep them grounded. If hot yoga is your giftee’s go-to for warming up throughout the winter, they’ll love this fast-absorbing towel that feels great underfoot.

Eat Plants, Be Happy Cookbook Eat Plants, Be Happy: 130 Simple Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes – Price: $27.50 – Description: While many of us have reintroduced grass-fed, sustainably raised meat into our diets, we still love prioritizing plants to support both our health and the planet. This colorful, inspiring cookbook is full of recipes like roast sweet potato with miso and ginger caramel and sweet potato gnocchi with sage burnt butter that help us feel like our healthiest, most vibrant selves.

All in Motion Percussion Massage Gun All in Motion™ Percussion Massage Gun – Price: $89.99 – Description: Massage guns are the easiest way to bring the spa experience home. And PSA: you don’t need to shell out hundreds to create a stress-relieving, muscle-soothing routine. With four speeds and various attachments, this massage gun will always be exactly what your body needs.

Caraway Food Storage Set Caraway Food Storage Set – Price: $245 – Description: Last year, I swapped out my mismatched collection of Tupperware for this streamlined set of ceramic-coated glass containers. With small, medium, and large containers, it’s complete with everything you need for leftovers and lunch. An aesthetically pleasing refrigerator awaits.

Ninja 0.5qt CREAMi Ninja 0.5qt CREAMi – Price: $229.99 – Description: Inspired by my own holiday wishlist (hint, hint), the Ninja CREAMi is my ultimate wellness covet item. Make dairy-free ice creams, low-sugar milkshakes, and sorbets blended with whole fruits. I’ve tested a few treats from my friends’ CREAMis, and I can attest to the smooth, creamy texture it always delivers. I’m so tempted that I might skip ahead and buy it for myself on Black Friday…

Kinto Glass Teapot Kinto Glass Teapot – Price: $40 – Description: I’ve been in my tea era for all of 2023, and I expect the ritual to continue well into the next year (and beyond). This glass pot features a built-in strainer for a minimalist, streamlined way to prepare a soothing, cozy cuppa.

Intelligent Change Mindful Affirmations Deck Intelligent Change Mindful Affirmations Deck – Price: $30 – Description: Anyone will be delighted to open this deck filled with positive self-love, self-care, and mindfulness affirmations. The wooden display lets your recipient keep each affirmation visible for inspiration all throughout the week. With 52 cards (one to reflect on every week of the year), it’s a lovely way to kick off 2024.

Modern Sprout “Wild(flower) About You” Grow Kit Bundle Modern Sprout “Wild(flower) About You” Grow Kit Bundle – Price: $85 – Description: While we love December’s winter whites, January through March is another story. Let a friend or family member delight in these wildflowers’ vibrant colors during a particularly dreary time of year. They’re easy to grow and unbelievably low-maintenance. Even the black thumbs in your life will love it.

Slip Sleep Mist Slip Sleep Mist – Price: $32 – Description: Who doesn’t love a good nighttime routine? (Particularly one that coaxes you to a restful, rejuvenating slumber.) Alongside golden milk, a silky pillowcase, and the coziest pajamas, this sleep mist is essential. Spritz the blend of chamomile and lavender over your bed, breathe deeply, and slip under the covers for your best-ever slumber.

Hatch Restore 2 Hatch Restore 2 – Price: $199.99 – Description: PSA: It’s finally time to ditch your smartphone alarm. (And keep it far, far away from your nightstand.) And while we balked at the price tag on this smart alarm clock before finally giving in, we can confirm: it’s worth the hype. The Hatch Restore 2 features nature-inspired sleep sounds and bedtime light settings to help anyone enjoy a peaceful oasis.

Do It For Yourself Journal Do It For Yourself Journal – Price: $16.99 – Description: Guided journals are an easy way to start your practice strong. This empowering, inspiring journal features 75 prompts designed to kickstart your creativity and take any goal from start to finish. It’ll help you overcome any setback and move forward with intention.

Equilibria Deluxe Wellness Set Equilibria Deluxe Wellness Set – Price: $92 – Description: Greens powders are the ultimate buzzy wellness buy. And while some brands make overblown promises about everything from curing your bloat to clearing your skin, Equilibria’s Daily Nutri-Greens sit perfectly at the intersection of effective and affordable. (Not to mention the apple-banana flavor is absolutely delish.) Combined with the Sleep Gummies that I always turn to for a good night’s sleep and the Daily Drops for boosted mood and regulated stress, this is the best wellness bundle that anyone will be thrilled to receive.

Phew! That was quite the wellness-filled ride, my lovely fashion enthusiasts. But we’ve made it to the end of our journey. I hope you’ve found some fabulous gifts to spoil your wellness-obsessed friends (or yourself, I won’t tell). Remember, wellness is all about finding what makes you feel fabulous and embracing it with open arms. So here’s to a well-rounded, stylish, and utterly fabulous life!

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Which wellness gift from our fabulous list caught your eye? Have you already added something to your shopping cart? Share your thoughts and favorite picks in the comments below. Let’s spread the wellness and the fashion love together! 💖