The Best Cat Brushes: Let the Fur Fly!

Purr-fectly Groomed Unleashing the Top 5 Cat Brushes of 2023, Tried and Tested

2023’s top 5 cat brushes, tested and reviewed

Person brushing black longhair cat with green safari slicker brush The best cat brushes are easy to use and comfortable for cats. – Andy Kindon/Insider

Are you tired of your furry feline leaving a trail of hair on every piece of furniture? Well, fear not, fellow fashionistas! I have scoured the market to find the most purrfect cat brushes that will keep your furry friend looking fabulous while saving your beloved couch from becoming a fur-filled fashion faux pas!

Our Top Picks For Cat Brushes

Best for Short Hair Cats: Furbliss Pet Brush

Green and yellow Furbliss rubber brushes The Furbliss silicone curry brush gently removes fur from short-haired cats. – Shoshi Parks/Insider

If your feline friend rocks a trendy short hairdo, then the Furbliss Pet Brush is the only tool they’ll ever need! This versatile curry brush not only removes pesky fur from their coat, but it also doubles as a massage tool and can even remove hair from your clothing and furniture. Talk about a multitasking marvel! With its medical-grade silicone and two-sided design, it’s a purrfect blend of style and functionality. Get your hands on the Furbliss Pet Brush and say goodbye to hairballs and hello to a stylishly sleek cat.

Best for Long Hair Cats: Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats

Person’s hand holding the Green Safari slicker brush with a finger pressing on hair release button For cats prone to the occasional tangle, the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is an affordable, easy-to-use tool that gets the job done. – Shoshi Parks/Insider

Now, if your fur baby rocks luxurious, flowing locks, you’ll need the Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cats. This brush is a true star when it comes to detangling matted fur. And the best part? With just a simple push of a button, the pins retract and the removed hair magically disappears. It’s like having a secret stylist at your fingertips! The ergonomic handle and stainless steel pins make grooming a breeze, giving your long-haired pal the red carpet treatment they deserve.

Best Deshedding: Furminator Deshedding Tool

Green furminator cat brush with rubber handle and metal teeth The Furmeow-nator is the best tool for removing undercoats. – Shoshi Parks/Insider

Does your furry friend seem to be shedding more than ever? Don’t fret! The Furminator Deshedding Tool is here to save the day. This incredible tool is a miracle worker when it comes to removing excess fur. With its tightly packed stainless steel teeth, it’s like having a stylish superhero by your side, fighting off those pesky furballs. Whether you have a short-haired or long-haired cat, this tool will leave them looking sleek and stylish, while your home stays fur-free.

Best Dematting: Chris Christensen Buttercomb #013

The Stainless steel Chris Christensen comb Chris Christensen’s buttercomb was, without question, the best of the combs we tested, and its hefty price reflects its quality. – Shoshi Parks/Insider

For those elegant felines who occasionally find themselves in a hairy situation with mats and tangles, we have the perfect solution: the Chris Christensen Buttercomb #013. This comb is the crème de la crème when it comes to untangling those pesky knots. Its dual-length stainless steel teeth and solid brass spine make it a powerful weapon against mats while staying lightweight and comfortable to use. It may be a bit of a splurge, but trust me, your stylish cat will thank you!

Best Grooming Gloves: HandsOn All-In-One Bathing and Grooming Gloves

Palms of two hands shown wearing black HandsOn cat grooming gloves The HandsOn All-In-One Grooming Gloves are ideal for cats who are sensitive to brushing. – Andy Kindon/Insider

Now, if your cat is a diva who simply despises brushes and combs, we’ve got you covered! The HandsOn All-In-One Bathing and Grooming Gloves are the ultimate accessory for pampering your sensitive feline friend. Slip on these stylish gloves and let the soft-but-firm rubber nubs work their magic. Not only will it remove hair, dirt, and dander, but it also provides a gentle massage that will make your cat purr with pleasure. These gloves are a stylish and practical alternative for the fashion-forward feline who demands the utmost comfort and style.

Questions Cat Parents Often Ask

What Kind of Brush is Best for Cats?

Just like fashion choices, the best brush for your cat depends on their unique style, I mean, hair type. Short-haired cats will strut their stuff with a slicker or pin brush, while long-haired cats will need a little extra grooming love with a brush designed for their luscious locks. Dematting combs are a must for those with occasional tangles, and grooming gloves are a fashion-forward option for our sensitive divas.

Is Brushing Good for Cats?

Absolutely! Brushing not only keeps your cat looking fabulous but also helps to remove dead hair and skin cells from their coat. Think of it as a fashion-forward exfoliation! Plus, it helps distribute natural oils, stimulates blood circulation, and deepens the bond between you and your stylish companion.

How Often Should I Brush My Cat?

When it comes to brushing, every cat has their own style. Some may prefer a daily grooming session, while others might only want a touch-up once a week. It’s all about finding what works best for your fashion-forward feline. Just remember to pay attention to their body language and never push their fashion boundaries. After all, a stylish cat knows when it’s time to strut their stuff and when it’s time to take a little catnap.

How Can I Make Brushing Pleasant for My Cat?

Grooming time is like a fabulous fashion show, and we want your cat to be the star! Start introductions early and make it a positive experience by pairing brushing sessions with tasty treats. And remember, be gentle and let your cat set the pace. The more comfortable they feel, the more they’ll embrace their inner fashionista.

Now that you are armed with the latest fashion tips for your stylish cat, it’s time to choose the purrfect brush to keep them looking fabulous. Remember, grooming is not just about removing fur, but also about connecting with your feline fashionista. So go ahead, pamper your pussycat, and let the fur fly in style!

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