Gift Guide for Him: 16 Gifts He’ll Love – Because “Flannels and Hot Sauce” Are So Last Year!

Ultimate Gift Guide for Men The Top 16 Trendsetting Gifts of 2023, Expertly Chosen

2023 Gift Guide for Him 16 Guy-Approved Gifts

Let’s not beat around the bush, my fashionable friends. When it comes to gift guides for guys, it seems like everyone just copies and pastes the same tired items: flannels, tools, hot sauce, and anything golf-themed. Now, there’s nothing wrong with those choices, but if you’re looking for something that will make him giddy with joy and a little less “sporting store gift card,” then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. And yes, we did include a hot sauce set, but we make no apologies for that – it’s a game-changer.

To curate this list, I turned to the most stylish fella in my life, my husband. Let me give you a quick rundown on this man’s qualifications: he’s more stylish than me (seriously, you should see his Pinterest board), he’s always up-to-date on the latest trends, he’s got a creative spark, and let’s not forget, he’s inherently cool because he’s an Aussie. TL;DR, his taste is top-notch, and you can trust him blindly.

Now, without further ado, I present to you our carefully curated gift guide for him. Brace yourselves, because we’ve thrown in a few tried-and-true favorites alongside some exciting new options that are guaranteed to make him do a little happy dance.

Limited Edition Ritual Coffee Bundle – For the Caffeine Obsessed!

If your guy is a coffee connoisseur who worships at the altar of caffeine, then this gift is an absolute no-brainer. This limited edition bundle features two sleek Casa Zuma mugs, a wooden coffee scoop, and some gourmet beans from Canyon Coffee. Trust us, once he gets his hands on this, he’ll be in coffee heaven.

Casa Zuma Ritual Coffee Bundle

Price: $96 (but worth every penny!)

A Universal Shoe-Cleaning Kit – For the Sneakerhead Extraordinaire!

Does your man have an insane obsession with keeping his kicks clean? Look no further! This shoe-cleaning kit from Jason Markk is every sneakerhead’s dream come true. With professional-grade tools and products, he’ll be able to give his beloved sneakers the TLC they deserve. And here’s a bonus perk – he might even start cleaning your shoes without you having to nag him!

Jason Markk Shoe Care Kit

Price: $35 (a small price to pay for the look of pristine sneakers)

A Pizza Night Upgrade – Because Pizza Is Life!

We all love pizza nights, right? Well, why not take it up a notch? Treat your man to the Ooni pizza oven, and watch his culinary skills skyrocket. This little wonder makes it easy to achieve that wood-fired crust we all crave, right in the comfort of your own backyard. Plus, it gives him a fun activity to do, and guess who gets to enjoy the lip-smacking results? You, of course!

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Price: $399 (the taste of pizza perfection is priceless!)

A Classic Pair of Loafers – Because Every Man Needs to Step Up His Shoe Game!

Loafers are the trendiest shoes of the moment in the world of menswear. They’re versatile, stylish, and oh-so-comfortable. Want to see your man transform his look effortlessly? Swap out his boots and let him rock a pair of loafers with jeans and a tee. It’s unexpected, it’s cool, and it’s guaranteed to turn heads. This particular pair is from an iconic loafer brand and carried by one of the stores you adore.

G.H. Bass Layton Lug Loafers

Price: $195 (worth every stylish step!)

The $100 Sneaker He’ll Brag About – Let Him Strut in Style!

Confession time: my husband talks about his Gazelles for at least five minutes every day. Seriously, it’s uncanny! But hey, who am I to complain when he looks so darn good in them? While everyone else is hyping up Samba’s, Gazelles are the unsung heroes of comfort and style. They come in multiple colors, and the best part? They won’t break the bank.

Adidas Gazelle Shoes

Price: $100 (because looking fabulous shouldn’t cost a fortune!)

A Foundational Field Watch – Because Time Is Always on His Mind!

2023 is the year my husband became a certified watch expert. Seriously, it’s a full-blown obsession. The Hamilton Field Watch, according to watch enthusiasts, is an absolute essential for any collection. With its classic design, understated elegance, and just the right fit on the wrist, this American-made beauty is the epitome of timeless style.

Khaki Field NATO Strap Watch

Price: $645 (worth every second!)

A Canvas Work Jacket – Because He’s Always Ready for Adventure!

A great workwear jacket is like a fine wine – it only gets better with age. This Canvas Work Jacket is the epitome of durability and style. Whether he’s rocking the laid-back look with sweatpants and a hoodie or going casual with jeans and a tee, this jacket is guaranteed to become his go-to piece. Trust us, it’ll hold a special place in his closet for years to come.

J.Crew Wallace & Barnes Canvas Work Jacket

Price: $169.50 (on sale from $218 – a steal for timeless style!)

Noise-Cancelling Headphones – Because Silence Is Golden!

Is your man constantly surrounded by chaos? Give him the gift of tranquility with these top-rated noise-canceling headphones from Bose. Whether he’s trying to enjoy a football game or drowning out the adorable but loud distractions caused by his seven grandkids, these headphones will be his sanctuary. Finally, he can immerse himself fully in his entertainment without any interruptions.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Price: $279 (because silence is priceless!)

The Perfect Pocket Tee – Because Fresh Tees Are Always a Good Idea!

Let’s be real, fellas always need new tees. That’s why we’re gifting him a classic piece that will never go out of style. Madewell Men’s line has been killing it in 2023, thanks to their collaborations with new designers and their incredible work. Trust us, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping on a fresh, high-quality tee, and Madewell does classics like no other.

Madewell Garment-Dyed Allday Crewneck Pocket Tee

Price: $35 (a small price for infinite style!)

A LEGO Set (AKA, a Toy) – Because Boys Will Be Boys!

Inside every grown man resides a little boy who wants nothing more than a toy to play with. Embrace his playful side with this LEGO set that will make him the happiest kid on the block. Get ready for some quality bonding time as you both dive headfirst into building and creating pure awesomeness.

LEGO Icons Land Rover Classic Defender 90 Model Car Building Set

Price: $239.99 (because playing never goes out of style!)

A Stanley, But for Adventures – Because Every Adventure Requires a Perfect Companion!

Stanley has nailed it once again with their Quencher water bottle, but that’s not the only masterpiece these trailblazers have created. Let your man embark on his next adventure – be it camping, hiking, or tailgating – with this leak-proof flask and shot glass set that comes in a sleek stainless steel carrying case. Let the adventures begin!

Stanley Adventure Flask Set

Price: $41 (because every adventurer needs a trusty companion!)

Something for the Star Lover – Because He’s Always Reaching for the Stars!

If your man gets starry-eyed over celestial wonders and loves pointing out constellations like a pro, then this gift is a celestial dream come true. This telescope is the perfect entry point for stargazing enthusiasts, easy to use and adored by reviewers. Let him explore the cosmos from the comfort of your backyard and get ready for some heavenly nights together.

Celestron – StarSense Explorer 102mm Refractor Telescope

Price: $469.95 (reach for the stars, they’re closer than you think!)

A Coffee Table Book for Car Fans – Because Wheels Are His True Love!

There’s something truly magical about flipping through a coffee table book dedicated to iconic cars. If your man is a true car enthusiast, gift him this masterpiece. Filled with breathtaking art, design, and advertising, this book is a museum in itself. Let him indulge in his automotive fantasies without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Iconic: Art, Design, Advertising, and the Automobile

Price: $120 (a small price to pay for unlimited joyrides!)

A Hot Sauce Gift Set – For the Spice-Loving Adventurer!

If you’re going to buy any hot sauce this season, make it Truff. This isn’t your average hot sauce – it’s a flavor extravaganza infused with luxurious truffles. My husband, who usually avoids spicy food, is completely obsessed with this stuff. Trust me, once your man gets a taste of Truff, there’s no going back.

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Price: $67.99 (because flavor should never be compromised!)

For the Snack Lover – Because We All Need a Little Snack Break!

Snacking is a universal pastime, and this collapsible bowl for homemade popcorn is the perfect gift for any snacking aficionado. It’s fun, it’s cool, and it encourages him to unleash his inner popcorn master. Get ready for movie nights and epic snacking sessions that will leave him craving for more.

Personal Popcorn Popper Microwave Bowl

Price: $25 (because snacking should be an adventure!)

A Really Great Blanket – Because Coziness Is Gender-Neutral!

Finally, never underestimate the power of a fabulous blanket. Last year, I gifted my husband one, and let me tell you, his initial confusion quickly transformed into countless couch snuggles and declarations of love for his new blankie. Remember, guys love to be cozy too! It’s a gift that keeps on giving, trust me.

UGG Coastline Plush Throw Blanket

Price: $98 (because warmth and love have no price tags!)

Congratulations, fashion enthusiasts and gift-givers extraordinaire! You’ve just unlocked a treasure trove of gift ideas that are sure to make every guy in your life smile from ear to ear. Whether it’s a coffee lover, sneakerhead, pizza enthusiast, or star gazer, we’ve got you covered with these top-notch selections.

Now, go forth and spoil the men in your life with these fantastic gifts. And remember, when it comes to fashion and style, don’t be afraid to think outside the box or add your own unique touch. Happy shopping, fabulous fashionistas!