The Most Stunning Train Rides Around the World: A Bragging Bonanza!

11 Breathtaking Train Journeys Around the Globe that Will Leave You in Awe

11 stunning global train trips

Switzerland’s Glacier Express train

Hey there, fashion-forward travel enthusiasts! If you’re tired of the same old boring modes of transportation, we’ve got a stylish solution for you — train travel! But hey, this isn’t your grandma’s train ride. We’re talking about trendy, low-carbon-footprint journeys that are not only sustainable but also aesthetically pleasing. It’s time to hop on board the bragging train and explore the world’s most beautiful train routes! It’s all the rage these days, and we’re here to spill the train-derful details.

All Aboard the Bragging Train!

Have you heard of “Tagskryt”? No? Well, let us fill you in. It’s a delightful Scandinavian term that means bragging about train travel. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to brag about riding luxurious trains through picturesque landscapes? Forget about rushing from point A to point B. Long-distance trains offer a scenic adventure that will make your fashion-loving heart skip a beat.

So, without further ado, allow us to present the ultimate list of the world’s most stunning train rides. We’ve scoured the globe to find the crème de la crème of railway journeys, and we’re about to make your wanderlust soar to new heights. Ready? Let’s chug along!

The Train Stops You’ll Want to Flaunt

  1. The Belgrade to Bar Railway
belgrade to bar train012

Country: Serbia, Montenegro
Duration of trip: Approximately 10 hours
Cost: Approximately €24

Take a delightful journey over 254 tunnels and 435 bridges from the capital of Serbia to the Adriatic shores of Montenegro. It’s an affordable yet breathtaking experience that will leave you in awe. So, get your cameras ready and prepare to capture #traintravelgoals.

  1. The California Zephyr
california zephyr amtrak train004

Country: USA
Duration of trip: 51 hours
Cost: Approximately $150 – $300

Get ready to climb the majestic Rockies and the glorious Sierra Nevada while making your way from the Windy City to the beautiful San Francisco. The California Zephyr promises wilderness, adventure, and stunning vistas that will have you feeling like a true fashion explorer.

  1. The Canadian
canadian train canada005

Country: Canada
Duration of trip: 86 hours
Cost: Approximately $500

Embark on a Canadian odyssey that will leave you spellbound. Journey through golden prairie fields, rugged lake country, and charming towns from Toronto to Vancouver. The Canadian is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in Canadian beauty while maintaining your fashion-forward allure.

  1. Palace on Wheels
royal rajasthan on wheels011

Country: India
Duration of trip: 7 nights, 8 days
Cost: Between $665 and $2,391 per night

Ready to feel like royalty? The Palace on Wheels offers a luxury resort experience aboard a train. Get pampered with an onboard spa while reveling in the ancient temples, majestic forts, and the iconic Taj Mahal. It’s a seven-night passage that will make you feel like the most fashionable queen or king on earth.

  1. The Glacier Express
glacier express switzerland train001

Country: Switzerland
Duration of trip: 7.5 hours
Cost: Approximately $80 to $300, plus fees

Calling all snow queens and mountain kings! The Glacier Express is your ticket to an Alpine wonderland. Marvel at the snowy peaks, meander through lush mountain meadows, and get lost in idyllic storybook villages. It’s the epitome of winter wonder, where fashion and nature collide in perfect harmony.

Next Stop: Wanderlust Wonderland!

We have more exciting train rides to share with you, but we wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises. Whether you’re seeking adventures in Argentina, South Africa, Russia, or even beyond, there’s a train ride for every fashion-forward traveler. So put on your favorite travel attire and embark on a brag-worthy journey!

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All Aboard the Fashion-Forward Train!

So, fashionistas, which train ride has caught your eye? Are you ready to embark on a journey filled with jaw-dropping landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and unforgettable experiences? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share your own train travel stories and fashion tips. We can’t wait to hear all about your stylish adventures aboard the bragging train. Bon voyage, darlings!