The Fashion Secrets of Community and Connection

Beyond a Century Unveiling the #1 Secret to Healthy Aging, According to a 102-Year-Old MD

Image by Gladys McGarey, M.D. / mbg Creative

102-year-old MD shares top secret to healthy aging

Greetings, fashion darlings! We all know that feeling of opening up our wardrobe full of clothes yet still feeling alone. But fret not, for today we delve into the fabulous world of community and connection, where fashion and friendship collide!

On a fundamental level, we’re all connected. Picture this: we’re like a fashionable outfit, each of us a unique piece coming together to create a stunning ensemble. Individually, we’re fabulous, but together we are a force to be reckoned with!

In our modern age, a true sense of community seems rare, and not just in the fashion world. We’ve got a crisis of loneliness on our hands, people! It’s a global problem, affecting everyone from social butterflies to introverted fashionistas like myself. Loneliness has been identified as a major fashion faux pas, darling!

But guess what? Feeling lonely doesn’t just mess with our style game, it wreaks havoc on our bodies too! According to a study, feeling lonely is as damaging to our longevity as smoking FIFTEEN cigarettes a day. Can you believe it? That’s like wearing a hideous outfit that’s literally killing you from the inside!

But fear not, my fashion-forward adventurists! Positive social connections and friendships are our allies in this world of style and sass. Ashton Applewhite, a fabulous author, says that social connection is the secret ingredient to happy and healthy aging. And here’s a tip: multigenerational friendships are all the rage! Being around adorable little children has been proven to bring a sense of purpose and rejuvenation to us elegant older folks. It’s like a rejuvenating face mask for the soul!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the impact of relationships on our heart health. While marriage can be a fashion statement in itself, troubled marriages are a risky runway to walk on. The quality of our relationships at fifty is the greatest predictor of our health and well-being at eighty. It’s like choosing between a fabulous, supportive partner or a string of sequin disasters that lead to heartbreak (literally!).

So, my fashionistas, how can we weave together the fabric of life and create a stylishly connected community? Let me share some tips to help you become the fashion queen of connection:

Practice: Weaving together the fabric of life

  1. Take a moment to reflect on your social circle. Are those friendships and relationships working like a well-coordinated fashion show, or are they more like a fashion disaster waiting to happen? Assess the connections, darling!

  2. Recall moments when your community has truly supported you. Remember the feeling of being embraced by a warm, fashionable hug. Ah, the memories!

  3. Now, let’s remember how you’ve offered your time and support to others. Think of those small acts of kindness that brought joy to someone’s outfit… I mean, day. That warm glow of satisfaction is priceless!

  4. Time for some self-reflection, my fashion-forward beauties. Identify the relationships that need a little extra love and attention. Visualize your love as a collection of concentric circles radiating from your fabulous heart. Who needs a call or a well-styled text message? Who needs forgiveness and an upgraded fashion boundary? How can you find the fashionista within everyone, even the ones whose style choices make you cringe? Let’s weave those fashionable threads of connection a little tighter!

Remember, lovelies, fashion isn’t just about what we wear—it’s about the connections we create. Let’s be fashion influencers of community and bring back the joy of connection. Together, we’ll strut our way to true happiness!

Adapted from The Well-Lived Life: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age (2023) by Gladys McGarey M.D. with permission from the publisher.